Tentative steps into instagram

I’m a somewhat self-hating twitter user. I don’t like what it’s become but somehow I can’t quit. Or find a good replacement. I decided to finally join instagram, because I’m before a trend or after a trend, but never actually on trend!

You can find me here. So far so good. I’m trying to remember back to my early days on twitter when looking for people to follow. In general I’m not wild about following celebrities (not that I don’t follow a few) but the best enjoyment I’ve got out of twitter over the years was finding other people like me to follow - people with similar lives or interests, or just people who were interesting in every day kind of ways.

It’s going to take me awhile to find that balance on instagram. but so far I’m enjoying the pretty pictures.

For the moment it’ll be random things I see, but I expect in the next year to increase my cake and dog content!

Maire Brophy