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After the World

After the war is lost, all that remains is to survive. And when you know what you’ve done, you can’t hope for anything more.

Bereft in a hostile world, an orc general struggles to come to terms with his role in the destruction of his people. Running and hiding from the humans and elves that hunt him down, he searches for other orc survivors. When two human wizards finally pin him down in an abandoned orcish mountain fortress, he must use his wits and cunning to prevail, redeeming himself and the magic of his people.

Published by Strange Fictions Press (an imprint of Vagabondage Press) on 8th May 2018

What the reviews are saying:

“unique and refreshing”

“I have never read anything like this novel.”

“a new twist on classic fantasy”

“a perspective we don't usually see in fantasy.”

“wonderfully written story”

 “Once I started, I couldn't stop reading”

“the writing is superb, and will keep you turning the pages”

“Definitely recommend!”

 “Highly recommended to all fans of the genre!”

 “impossible to put down”

 “a truly unforgettable read” 

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